The english word berserk is derived from the old norse words ber-serkr (plural ber-serkir) torslunda helmet: a one-eyed weapon dancer followed by a berserker. Here you will find crazy berserker facts craziest facts about viking berserkers, history's hardcore norse warrior-shamans share tweet pin email embed. The berserker series is a series of space opera science fiction short stories and novels by fred saberhagen, in which robotic self-replicating machines strive to. Etymology edit the name berserker derives from the old norse berserkr (plural berserkir) this expression most likely arose from their reputed habit of wearing a.

Berserker is a mod that temporarily increases a melee weapon's attack speed on a critical hit. Define berserk: an ancient scandinavian warrior frenzied in battle and held to be invulnerable — berserk in a sentence. Berserker official 2,024 likes 3 talking about this melodic metal band from lithuania, vilnius wwwberserkerlt twitter. The berserker, yielding to demonic possession, taps into an otherworldly rage he is capable of a wide range of vicious attacks, including frenzy, which unleashes.

A berserker is a strong warrior with an ursine aspect they would enter the battlefield in a. Berserker wikipedia alternative forms the writer conjured up a dystopian fantasy more berserk than anything you might find yourself listening to in. Berserker is a seething ball of destructive energy, his lust for violence constant and irrepressible anyone and anything that gets in his way is torn to shreds.


Berserker: berserker, in premedieval and medieval norse and germanic history and folklore, a member of unruly warrior gangs that worshipped odin, the supreme norse.

  • Berserker has 311 ratings and 128 reviews karen said: oh, to have been a fly on the wall during the author’s pitch for this book series:“so, it’s like.
  • Berserker is an elite specialization for the warrior that focuses on adrenaline and adds a new berserk mode that gives access to primal bursts.
  • Directed by paul matthews with paul johansson, craig sheffer, kari wuhrer, patrick bergin a warlord's son is cursed to be reborn lifetime after lifetime and fated.
  • The berserker is one of the four playable classes in torchlight ii these savage warriors use.
  • Berserker (バーサーカー, bāsākā), mad warrior and heroic spirit of berserk rage, is one of the four.

In teen wolf, berserkers are men who, after special rituals using the pelts and bones of bears. Berserker (バーサーカー, bāsākā) is the berserker-class servant of kariya matou during the fourth holy. Berserk definition, violently or destructively frenzied wild crazed deranged: he suddenly went berserk see more. More weapons and armour videos here: this one has been a long time coming, but now i'm glad that i've said it. Berserker super saiyan, also known as the out of control (暴走 bōsō) form is a powerful saiyan.

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